What to Expect

1. When you call to make an appointment:
a. Be prepared to describe any vision problems you are experiencing.
b. Ask if you will be able to drive yourself home. Will the eye examination affect your vision temporarily?
c. Ask how much the exam will cost. Do any of your health insurance plans cover any of the cost?

2. Prepare for your appointment:
a. Write down any signs or symptoms of eye problems you have noticed (flashes of lights, difficulty seeing at night, temporary double vision, loss of vision, etc.)
b. Make a list of any eye injury or eye surgery you have had including approximate dates, hospitals where treated etc.
c. Have a list of all the prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you are taking.
d. Make note of any questions you have had about your vision.
e. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time.
f. Allow an hour and a half to two hours for your appointment.

3. Take along the following to your visit:
a. Driver’s license
b. Medical and vision insurance card
c. Copay due at time of service
d. Prescription glasses, contact lenses or both

4. During the examination:
a. Ask any questions about anything that seems unclear to you, such as the names and purposes of tests you may undergo.
b. Ask if there are any changes since your last exam.
c. Ask when it is best to call the doctor with questions.
d. Find out when you should return for your next exam.