Contact Lenses

Ophthalmology Associates offers contact lens service to our patients. We fit contact lenses as they actually touch the eye in contrast to glasses.

After your eye exam (refraction) with our doctor, a contact lens technician will take corneal curvature readings and speak with you about your options with contact lenses. If you would like our office to fit you with contacts, we may schedule an appointment on a separate day as your eyes may be dilated from your eye exam and then it may be difficult for you to see the contact lens to learn to insert and remove it from you eyes. This will also allow us ample time to fit and instruct you, as well as answer any additional questions you may have.

A fitting can take an hour and a half or longer depending on your comfort level and ability to insert and remove the lenses. We need to be confident that you understand and feel comfortable with your contacts before you leave with them. It is sometimes necessary for a second instruction session, at no extra charge, before we allow you to go home with your contacts. Our technicians will work one on one with you so they can focus on your individual needs. This will allow us to give you the attention you deserve. We don’t conduct contact lens classes for multiple patients.

Contacts must fit the eye properly, and it is important that you are advised of the risks involved with non- compliance. It is beneficial to your medical health to know how to wear and properly care for your lenses.